Best 7 Video Players for Kids and Youngsters

Watching videos stored locally on your device can be troublesome. There are many varieties of codecs available, and it is not possible for every video player to play each one of these. Many users experience the common error “codec not supported.” So, it might be required to choose some other video player so that you can play all your videos.

Here is a list of some of the best video players, which are popular among the kids and youngsters.

AC3 or Assassin’s Creed 3 is a very popular video game amongst the young generation. The ac3 video player hosts the game natively and it does not need extra plugins to perform certain optimizations in the background to provide enhanced frame rate, gaming experience and so on. It offers subtitle support, sleep timer and playback speed control. It is a simple app and free to download.

This video player has the unique feature that it can transform your device into an AllCast receiver. It can also send the locally stored media content of your device to Roku, Chromecast, Xbox 360/ One, Apple TV and other devices that are DLNA compliant. Apart from videos, it also supports various other types of media. It provides a 5 minute limit in the free version, and you can upgrade to the pro version to remove this limit.

It is in this music industry for a long time compared to other video player apps. It supports hardware accelerated playback multi-core hardware decoding and allows streaming from DLNA devices. It also offers subtitle support and can also play compressed files. There are additional plugins for better performance. The free version contains all the features, but it is ad-supported.

The interface of Kodi is beautiful and is compatible with larger screen devices like Android TV and tablets. It was earlier known as XBMC and supports audio and video files. It is free to download and devoid of any ads.

It provides a lot of functionalities which are similar to AllCast. It supports streaming from Dropbox and Google Drive and also works on many DLNA devices. It can stream media or videos from your device to Fire Stick, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, or Xbox 360/ One. It is free to download but comes with in-app purchases.

It has been in the video player market since ages. It has improved in performance over time, adapting to newer technologies when required. It supports all the video formats available along with subtitles support, playlists, and continuous playback. It also offers streaming video content via RSTP and HTTP protocols. You can further increase its functionality by adding extra plugins.

VLC is one of the famous video players. It is known to almost everyone and has become a must-have player. It can even play obscure formats such as DVD ISOs. It does not require extra plugins. It is completely free and provides features like multi-track audio, subtitle support, audio and video support, etc. It can also play videos from a URL.


This is the list of Video Players for kids as well as for youngsters. If you want to add more players in this list then comment below.