How To Use 3D Touch to Get Directions from an Address in iMessages

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Apple, no doubt is ruling the Tech thing on this planet, right? And well there’s a reason to that, they’ve some of the most advanced features and technologies with them. One such feature and my topic of this piece too is How To Use 3D Touch to Get Directions from an Address in iMessages.


This feature comes in extremely handy when you’re organizing a meetup or something at a friend’s place via the messages thing, and all your friends (ofcourse you can select them) need to be notified about it.

So what this app technically does is, it lets your friends send addresses to you (or vice-versa), and the route to get to that address is shown on the screen, on the AppleMaps without you needing to copy-paste the address.

How to Use 3D Touch to Get Directions from an Address in iMessage for PC:-

What makes this thing so wildly popular is it’s 3D touch. Means, just like I said above, you aren’t asked to copy paste or do anything of such sort. Instead you can get a whole freaking map with directions to your address just with a touch on the screen!

I know, even copy-pasting isn’t a very hard job, but this world just isn’t ever satisfied, is it? We find the shortest of the shortcuts to achieve what we want, and that’s what the 3D touch lets you do when it comes to getting directions from an address in iMessage.

A probable scenario is when there’s a party at one of your friend’s house, who might not be exactly “your” friend, but a mutual friend of  a friend of yours, so now you definitely don’t know where he lives, right?

And in cities as big as today’s, it’s not always easy to get to a place, and I’m supposing you don’t wanna go knocking on every door and asking which turn you should take next, right?

That’s where the 3D touch comes to your rescue.

Your friend can just send you the address on iMessage; it appears as a hyperlink, but instead of tapping on it, you hold your fingers to it, which will bring a peek-map up and the map would show you where exactly the party is going on.

So yeah that’s how it’s done! I’m guessing you don’t have any more curiosity regarding How To Use 3D Touch to Get Directions from an Address in iMessages right?