How to use iMessage online without downloading?


As we all know, imessage is basically iOS running app. This is because, Apple would like to keep its services strictly to Apple devices only. But here are some tips to use iMessage online.

Important point to keep in mind. Any  kind of tricks to open iMessage online will require Apple App store. This means you need to have an Apple device with you just to signup and get an account. There are two options to access iMessage online. And in both the cases, you have to have  an Apple device. Either a mac, iPhone or iPad on your hand to connect to the network. If you don’t have one with you then borrow from someone. This is because, all the messages are sent and received through Apple’s server. That is why, it is compulsory for you to have an apple device with you at least till the time to connect with their server.

Option 1: Mac to access.

One option is to remotely access your mac while on your PC. this process is easy and quick. Connect your pc to Mac with the help of Chrome Remote Desktop. Remember, you have to keep your mac on while connecting. Following are the steps.

  • Download and install Chrome Remote Desktop on both your PC and mac.
  • Go to the mac Remote Desktop extension and get the access code to secure the connection.
  • Now, go to the PC Remote Desktop extension, enter the code and pair the devices.
  • The small Mac screen will show up on you PC screen.
  • Click on the pop up and access imessage online on your PC.

Option 2: Jailbreak iPhone.

The other option is by jailbreaking your iPhone. And FYI, it is completely legal to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad as you own the device. By this process, you can access your imessage account from any PC.

  • First job is to jailbreak your device.
  • Then, download Cydia. It is equivalent to Apple App Store.
  • On Cydia, there is an app named “Remote Messages”. Download and install it. This app may cost you a few bucks, but it does worth.
  • Go to the setting of Remote Messages and set the username and password.
  • On your PC, open a browser and type in the IP address of your iPhone followed by “:333”.
  • You may notice, a login screen will pop up. Enter the username and password.
  • After you get access through it, you can open your iMessage account online.

These two process are really easy to get access of your imessage account online. You don’t always need an iPhone to use iMessage. Check these processes. Drop a comment if you like and ask questions if you face any problem.