SnapTube Hits 1 million Users in Quick Time – Here’s How    

snaptube app download

Snaptube is an app developed natively for android devices. The Snaptube app lets you download YouTube videos on your device without any third party application. The Snaptube app has built in downloader that will help you download media content from YouTube at high speeds.


You can use Snaptube to download videos from 1000 + websites such as Facebook, Dailymotion etc. Snaptube offers many exclusive features that are absent from many of its competitor apps and that is the reason of Snaptube’s overnight success. SnapTube became so popular so quick and we have explained what the reason is behind the popularity of Snaptube is.

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Now let’s see what features has made the Snaptube app so popular so fast, following is the list of features that Snaptube has and its potential competitor apps do not which make it a preferable alternative over the YouTube app.

  • You only get three resolution options when you are trying to download video using the official YouTube app but with the Snaptube app you can download the video in any desired format and if you are downloading a song then you can also choose to only download the audio.

Note – You can download snaptube on android using this SnapTube APK File.

  • Videos downloaded using the YouTube app are not transferrable and you can not share those videos with any other device, they are exclusive to be watched on the same device only whereas the Snaptube app lets you download the videos in your desired resolution and you can share the downloaded videos with any other android smart phone or tablet.
  • Most of the popular music videos can not be taken offline using the YouTube app but you will not face this kind of restriction while using the Snaptube app, you can download any video that is available on YouTube anytime in any format desired.
  • Snaptube app lets you download videos from over 1000 + websites including Facebook and Dailymotion, with Snaptube apk you have the ability to download videos from all these websites with ease.

You can yourself compare the youtube app and Snaptube app and see which one is better and that is the secret to the overnight success and popularity of Snaptube app. You can also use the Snaptube app on your PC and on most of the operating systems.

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave your views regarding the Snaptube app for android, we will be happy to hear from you.

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