Top 10 Google gravity tricks 2016

google gravity tricks



Google is Fun. Generally Google is known as the World’s Search Engine. But apart from having detailed information about everything, Google provides some crazy tricks to try. People are not aware of these silly tricks.

  1. Google Zero Gravity Fall.

Google is very systematic. But in this trick, Google falls apart including all the contents and images. To try this trick, type Google zero gravity in the search bar and click “I’m feeling lucky”. People usually don’t pay much attention to this button but you got to try it.  Everything falls down on the bottom of the browser. Best part is that u can even mess up every button by picking up and throwing it all the way around. If you search anything, the contents will also come in a haphazard manner.

  1. Google Gravity Underwater.

This is beautiful. It is pretty similar with Google Zero Gravity but instead of plain white background, there is beautiful underwater view. It has also designed the underwater creatures flying around everywhere. And if you try to search something, you will get gold coins or some other precious jewelry falling from above.

  1. Google Space.

Have you ever been to space? Or thought of how it feels like to be in the Space. Google Space will literally show you what happens in Space. This trick is also similar to the previous one but the Search bar or the buttons on the Google page doesn’t fall straight at the bottom of the browser, but it floats everywhere. You can play with the buttons in the same way is in the Zero Gravity trick.

  1. Google Packman.

It is always fun to play packman. If you don’t have the game with you, open the Google page, type Google Packman and click on “I’m feeling lucky”. You can play as much as you want. Google made this page on the auspicious occasion of 30th anniversary of the game to show respect to Packman.

  1. Zerg Rush.

This is another amazing Google gravity trick. Here, a group of letter “O” fall on the page from everywhere and destroys all the search results shown on the page. The results disappear automatically when the letters touch the search results.

  1. Google Snake Game.

Google can provide all kinds of knowledge about game. It also helps you to try the game on its page. This is a trick where you can play the famous Snake Game on the logo of Google.

  1. Google Gravity Mirror.

Google Gravity Mirror is a trick where you will get the searched results in a reversed manner. This is a page where everything is opposite. The logo, texts and the elements come in the reversed manner. Even the searched results appear as if you are seeing in a mirror.

  1. Barrel roll in Google.

Try a barrel roll in Google. In this trick, the Google page rotates 365 degree.

  1. Google Guitar.

Google Guitar is another Google gravity trick. The professionals and lay men all can play guitar in the Google page. Google logo is designed with strings in it.

  1. Google tilt.

Google tilt trick makes the Google page a little tilted. The search results are also shown in a tilted manner.